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Did you know that most support calls can be handled instantly and efficiently using Remote Access? Your computer or laptop never leaves your home or office.

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Bullfrog is owned and operated in Odessa, Texas and provides services not found anywhere else in the area. Existing as a general consulting firm gives our organization the freedom to take on any tasks, large or small. We will work with you on an a small business or corporate level to insure that you get the most out of your technology. Together we can focus on productivity and efficiency, while enforcing secure practices to keep your critical digital information safe. Let us see what we can do for you. What more could I be doing with technology? How could my business be more streamlined, effective, and profitable? The world is changing fast. Stay ahead of the curve. Drop old, inefficient methods of operation. Take a new, streamlined approach. Optimize your network, streamline your workflows, enhance your technology, improve your business. Work smarter.

Our Services


Simplify your it world by letting Bullfrog handle the layout and design of your large or small office network and the associated applications. We handle equipment purchasing, design considerations, security, remote access, offsite backup, and constant monitoring.


Bullfrog delivers customer-based software solutions ranging from corporate document centers to mechanical calculation applications. We can build what you need or direct you to existing solutions that will fit for you.

Forensics and eDiscovery

Data recovery, evidence archiving, discovery of deleted materials, search and analysis, mobile phones, computer hard drives, expert representation in court, thorough documentation and reporting ... we do it all. Consult with us for your domestic or corporate forensic needs.

Website Design

Take a look at just some of the work that we have done. We develop websites from start to finish. We will purchase and manage your domain, set up email for your domain, and custom build a website to represent your business or organization online.

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